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    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Patricia Miller-Jackson (Lawrenceville, US)

    We Loved it!

    Newborn Lounger
    Nice soft support

    I bought this to give our glider a bit more padding. Im very happy with this purchase. My newborn fits perfectly in it and it gives the padding in my glider that it was missing. I like how when my litte gets bigger I can remove the bottom piece to give her more leg room. It has nice memory foam pad and is very soft to the touch due to the outside of the padding being covered with what seems to be microfiber cloth. Great for the price. Im Overall very satisfied.

    Huge Comfy Elephant Plushie - Elephant Stuffed Animal

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Lynda H. (Ventura, US)
    The best

    Our Elephant is perfect. The sound is clear and loud enough. Baby is delighted. The movement of the ears is perfect as well. Soft as well.

    Newborn Lounger
    Good quality and convenient !

    I really like this item. First, It has high quality.It is very soft and comfortable. When my little girl slept on it, she slept very well. Second, It's really convenient. I can use it anywhere as long as my little girl wanna sleep or play by herself when I am cooking or working. I feel satisfied with this bed for my little girl😍

    5 stars

    Wonderful luv luv luv it♥️♥️♥️♥️

    The Comfy Elephant Plushie is beyond my expectations! My Great grandson loves it! Thank you

    The Comfy Plushie Elephant is wonderful

    Family were delighted with the Elephant

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Simone Ramsey (Cicero, US)
    Very adorbs!

    Baby totally lives it! When going thru customs they must have snapped the closure around the battery pack as now it doesn’t stay in the body, I have to keep stuffing it in so it can sit properly - need to work on an elastic for the closure not a zip tie to be broken and not repairable. Otherwise great item

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Oliver White (Columbus, US)

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant

    Comfy Elephant Plushie - Elephant Stuffed Animal
    Beth Dudas (Fort Lauderdale, US)

    It is adorable. Can’t wait for the baby to try it.

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    dennis reft (Pittsburgh, US)

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Christine Rogers
    Baby Surprise!!

    I think the whole concept is cute the songs are perfect for it..the only thing that is a little negative about it is it’s loud..kind of shocks the baby..wish it could be turned down a bit!!

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Sandra Burke (Charlotte, US)
    Peek a boo musical Elephant

    I love it I just hope My grandbaby doesn't get scared of it. It's beautiful 🤩

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Carolina Inc. (Salisbury, US)
    Great interactive toy for infants

    Love everything about it except one thing: it's too loud! I wish there was a way to turn down the volume.

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Shannon Jennings (Mount Juliet, US)

    Good quality, speedy delivery and my Grand baby loves it!

    Newborn Lounger
    Kelly C.
    Great for bassinet sleeping

    We use this in our bassinet and our baby sleeps so well for a newborn. It’s safe and makes her more comfortable than sleeping in the bassinet alone. We love it!


    It is very cute and soft. Smaller than what appears in the ad.

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    EJ Taylor (Neptune Beach, US)
    Cutest elephant ever.

    my husband and I played with it for about 30 mins. Can’t till I give it to my great granddaughter.

    Adorable gift

    I gifted this beautiful toy for my 4 month old nephew and he absolutely loves it. Great gift. It’s soft and high quality. Highly recommend!

    The Crawly Crab
    Olivia M.

    I bought 2 of these, one for my 9 month old and one for a 1 yr olds bday. They are so cute and funny. Unique and well worth the price. We get such a kick out of them!

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Teresa Weinstein (Los Angeles, US)

    My 8th month niece loves it. Adorable!

    Peek a Boo Musical Elephant
    Alvin Lewis (Minneapolis, US)

    Good quality

    Helps Newborn Sleep Independently

    I highly recommend this for newborns. We had bought another brand and then realized we might want more for when it needed to be washed so ended up buying two of these. They are much softer than the first brand that we bought. We use them in her bassinet and her co-sleeper that she naps in during the day. We've found they help the baby to sleep independently and feel more snug in her bassinet. She likes to elevate her feet while sleeping so the pillow at the bottom helps her to stay elevated. The pads are washable so it's easy to keep them clean when baby spits up. We only use them when baby is supervised and I would recommend stopping use once baby can roll over but I feel it's a great product for a newborn and would recommend it to my friends who are currently pregnant.

    Baby love it!

    Absolutely LOVE this! Needless to say rechargeable battery. The music is catchy too lol