Bewitching Vampire Bat Plushie - Halloween Bat Stuffed Animal

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Style: Black Bat


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Introducing our "Bewitching Vampire Bat" – a Halloween plushie that's ready to hang around and give you a frightful, yet hilarious, good time! 🦇🌕


  • Machine-washable
  • Safe for all ages
  • PP cotton filling (hypoallergenic material)
  • Outer material: Plush fabric
  • Size: 11.8" in height

Dive into the realm of the night with this spook-tacular Bat Plushie, complete with velvety wings that seem to embrace the darkness itself. With eyes as shiny as a full moon and fangs sharp enough to give Dracula a run for his money, this mischievous little creature is more charming than a vampire at a costume ball.

Beware, dear mortals, for once this midnight menace flaps its way into your life, you might just find yourself enchanted by its quirky charm and batty sense of humor. Bring home Bewitching Bat Plushie today and let the spooky giggles take flight! 🌘🦇

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