DinoCuddly Weighted Dino Plushies - Weighted and Microwavable Plushies

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Size: Small (13.7" - 1.1 lbs/0.5kg)

Small (13.7" - 1.1 lbs/0.5kg)
Medium (17.7" - 1.6 lbs/0.72kg)
Large (23.6" - 3.5 lbs/1.58kg)
Huge (31.5" - 4 lbs/1.8kg)

Style: Green Triceratops

Green Triceratops
Pink Stegosaurus


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Super Soft, Weighted and Cute

Our DinoCuddly weighted plushie acts just like a weighted blanket, providing you with a comforting weight just like a comforting hug.

DinoCuddly is fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort, making it an ideal gift for all ages.

Notes: We notice that currently there are many counterfeits on the market. We only sell high-quality weighted plushies on, any other sites (mysleepingbuddy, getmushplushies, etc) might sell you some cheap, non-weighted plushies.

Something you should know about our Dino:

  • Simply Warm Weighted Dino in a Microwave
  • Soothes, Warms and Comforts
  • Chill in a Freezer for Cooling Relief
  • Safe for all Ages
  • Pets love it!

Reduce Stress and Increase Serotonin

Applying comforting weight has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and increase serotonin!

The Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Our Weighted Plushies are the perfect gift for a family member or friend. We promise they'll never forget it!

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